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About Us

SecondHand Web Design exists to provide high-quality, high-value websites and apps in the spirit of Fair-Trade. We believe a good presence on the Internet will help your sales and your clients. We also believe that the money spent should go to help those who are under-privileged. Everybody wins!


We specialize in:

  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Custom Web App Development

SecondHand Web Design is owned by Christian and Marie Burtt, Americans currently living in Romania. They are serving some of the orphans in the city of Bucharest. All profits from SecondHand go to support their family and help impact the lives of Romanian orphans.

Two Options

Unlimited Possibilities.


Like the DeLorean

Don't need Mr. Fusion or hoverboards? Don't worry, we'll still make sure you get up to 88mph!


They'll say "I'll be back"

We take care of every detail. Skynet mainframe blew up? No Problem. We'll get a T-1000 on it right away.



No Surprises.
Just Service.

Silver Gold
Awesome Custom Website
SEO Optimization*
Real-Person Support / Fixes
Custom Add-Ons or Widgets
Regular Site Updates (AKA your "Web Guy")
Price** $500 Site Creation
$15 / month support
$500 Site Creation
$25 / month gold support
* SEO Optimization does not guarantee any specific page rank
** Add $5/month if you want us to host it for you

Sound Good?

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